EnteraMeal® Pediatric (certified by Iranian Nutrition Society)


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    1. help to weight gain in children over one year old

    2. Provide energy and protein requirements for malnourish children, and children who couldn’t meet their nutritional requirements just by daily meal

    3. 12.8 % of energy from protein (whey and casein)

    4. 50.2% of energy from simple and complex carbohydrates

    5. 37% of energy from fat (milk, coconut and sunflower oils)

    6. Fiber to boost immune system and improve intestinal movements

    7. Carnitine, taurine and myo-inositol

Recommended Doses

If the total daily requirement is supplied of EnteraMeal pediatrics, then: based on the age categories, 1 to 8 years old: half of a can per day

  9to14 years old: 1 full can per day

If it is used as a nutritional supplements, then: 5 Scoop at any snack times


Note: The taste is more desirable with milk.

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