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Entera Meal (Standard)


    • Nutritional supplement for weight gain and rehabilitation of malnourished

    • Provide energy, protein, vitamins and minerals

    • Could be used as a supplement for burns, trauma, cancer, bed sores, AIDS, surgery, rehabilitation from drug addiction, people with anorexia nervosa, oral and maxillofacial surgery, etc

    • 14% of energy from high biological value protein (whey)

    • 32% of energy from fat, coconut and sunflower oils

    • 54% of energy from carbohydrates (maltodextrin)

    • contains inulin, a soluble fiber to increase body strength and improve bowel movements

Recommended Doses

Tube Feeding

 Pour one scoop (11.3 g) of formula into a clean container and add water to bring the volume up to the 50 ml. This solution provides 1 Kcal/ml.

Oral intake

Dissolve each 5 scoop of powder into one glass of water or milk and drink the solution immediately.

Note: Do not use this product before meal.

 The taste is more desirable with milk.

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