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Gain Up


    • 22% of protein including a combination of milk and whey proteins
    • An enzyme blend to help better digestion and absorption of proteins
    • 12 different vitamins per serving to supply 100% daily needs
    • Ideal supplement for weight gain at the early stages of body building trainings


Suggested direction for use:

Add 5 scoops (220 grams) of GAIN UP powder to 550 ml of water, milk or fruit juice and serve it cold. Drink an extra glass of water after each serving. It is better to take each serving in different times during the day. On training days, take it 3 hours before training and up to 30 minutes after your work out. On non-training days, you can take it after breakfast, dinner, and supper and before sleeping.

The taste of this production is more desirable when mixed with milk.

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