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    • Effective in weight gain of children over 2 years
    • Effective linear growth in children
    • 17.6% of the protein blend from whey and milk
    • Enzyme blend to help better digestion and absorption of macronutrients
    • 12 key vitamins to provide 100% of DRI

How to Use

According to the following table, solve the recommended amounts of powder for any ages in a glass of water/milk/fruit juice, and drink prepared shake.

Note: Do not use this product before meal.

Age (years)

Recommended Dosage (Daily)


A scoop in ¼ glass of water/milk/fruit juice


2 scoops in ½ glass of water/milk/fruit juice


3 scoops in a glass of water/milk/fruit juice


Note: The taste is more desirable with milk.

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