Super Whey


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Super Whey



  • Protein: 44%, including a combination of milk and whey proteins
  • 5 grams of L - glutamine amino acid per serving
  • 12 different vitamins to supply 100% of daily needs
  • ldealforgainingweight and muscle mass, and preventing muscle  breakdown  after workout
  • Effective on delaying the fatigue and speed up the muscular recovery after workout
  • Promotes immune system function


How to use

Add 1 scoop to 150 ml of water or milk. To encourage maximum result, take 2-3 scoops 3 hours before workout and 2-3 scoops up to 1hour after workout. The taste of the preparad shake is more desirable when mixed with milk.

Do not dissolve super whey in hot water.

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