Golden Whey


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Golden Whey


  •  75% whey protein
  •  Increases lean muscle mass
  •  Ideal supplement for the latest stages of body building diet plan
  •  Ideal for strength/agility training in glycogen stores depletion phase


Suggested direction for use:

Add 1 scoop (28.4 grams) of Golden Whey to 170 ml of water or milk and mix thoroughly than serve it cold. The athletes can take 1-2 scoops of Golden Whey according to their body weight. To encourage maximum result, take it in two portions: 3 hours before, and up to 30 minutes after work out. For body builders, it is recommended to use it in the last month before competition up to 3 day before that, and for strength/agility trainers from the last 2 weeks of fitness course, up to 2 weeks before the competition. Consider that not to use this supplement 3 hours before training sessions or competition.

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