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Iso Whey


  •  Contains 100% pure Isolate whey protein
  •  The highest protein content product available in the market
  •  Minimum amount of carbohydrate
  •  An enzyme complex to help better and faster digestion of proteins
  •  Increases lean muscle mass
  •  Appropriate for strength/agility athletes in glycogen stores' depletion phase


Suggested direction for use:

Add 1 scoop (24 grams) of Iso Whey powder to 500 ml of cold water and serve it immediately. It is recommended to serve an hour after workout session.


  • In order to help excrete waste produced of protein metabolism, take an extra glass of water for every scoop of protein supplement.
  •  Avoid using protein supplements up to 3 hours before competition.
  •  In cases of allergy, stop using these products and consult your nutritionist or physician.
  • These products contain phenylalanine so phenylketonuric patients should not use them.
  •  Patients with chronic kidney diseases are not allowed to use protein supplement

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